Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cherry Pie

This week I decided to make a sour cherry pie (recipe found in Martha Stewart's Cooking School).  However, Thursday rolled around I still had not made the dough. Work was getting in the way again. By the time I got home there wasn't enough time for the pie to bake without my having to stay up until one in the morning.

Friday morning I got up early and made the dough before I went to work. I left in the fridge to chilled and felt confident that that woul
d be the day. When I got home I rolled out the crust, placed it in the pie dish and set out to prepare the filling. Wow, did I underestimate the time that would take. I had to pit every cherry by hand. It took a half hour and I found myself wishing I had a Cherry Pitter. However when it was all done and the pie was in the oven the smell was great. The trick for  great flaky crust is to make sure your butter is cold. Nice cold butter pieces = flaky dough.

Why is there a slice missing from the photo? My husband spotted it on the cooling rack ;)

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